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Atelier Rick Tegelaar

About us

Rick Tegelaar (Rotterdam, 1986) graduated with honours from the ArtEZ Arnhem product design department in 2011. Since then he works independently from his studio and workshop in Arnhem.

Rick Tegelaar likes to work with undervalued materials such as wire mesh and waste wood. By re-examining these materials, new applications of the materials arise. The challenge lies in finding new forms, qualities and aesthetics as opposed to those with which we are all too familiar.

Looking at the products and materials we are surrounded with in an un-biased way, creates research into new possibilities of known materials and processes. Rick often develops new machines, tools and techniques for each new project to be able to retrieve new properties from a given material. Working with a material in different ways, using different methods, will automatically create a new aesthetic as well.
Aesthetics are often wrongly neglected within industrial processes. In his work, Rick tries to show in what way a new aesthetic can be achieved in industrial materials by making small changes in the methods of production.