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Atelier Rick Tegelaar

Water Tower, in collaboration with Arno Geesink

This new project, in collaboration with architect Arno Geesink for Roof Garden is a great visualisation of Rick's fascination for innovative processes and efficient structures; They took the challenge to improve the efficiency of the water management at Roof Garden Arnhem. They designed a watertower, which is continuously pumping up filtered rainwater to a reservoir 4 meters from ground level. A windmill on top of the tower powers this process. Because of the height, the water gets pressurized, which makes it easy to use it as a plant sprinkler for example.

Arno Geesink

As an architect, Arno Geesink likes to cooperate on an interdisciplinary level, where through analysis from an assembly of refreshing distinct angles synthetic insights can lead to innovative design. In this way every design derives from a new custom fit research method.

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