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Atelier Rick Tegelaar

In4nite: 'The infinite world of Colback'

"The bi component Colback® yarn is a great raw material for 3D printing because of the yarn’s unique skin-core composition.”

3D printed panels of Colback; ‘A research on printing Colback yarn on Colback nonwoven’

3D printed panels of Colback; ‘A research on printing Colback yarn on Colback nonwoven’

About In4nite: 

one company: one material: ten designers: infinite ideas
in4nite is the result of a collaboration between ten designers from Arnhem,The Netherlands and Low & Bonar, leading manufacturer in high performance materials. During the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, they've presented themselves to the world.



The interdisciplinary collective, consisting of product designers, architects and graphic designers, has been experimenting with Colback, a nonwoven fabric manufactured by Low & Bonar. During the design process, the boundaries of the material and the imagination of the designers have been stretched to the utmost. A cross pollination between design, R&D and manufacturing industry, resulted in fascinating designs and products. 
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Rick Tegelaar for In4nite
Rick Tegelaar is enthusiastic about experimenting with materials in different contexts by looking at them from a new perspective and finding out about their potential by developing new ways of working with them.
Since the Colback material was new to the designer he first wanted to learn about the material. Through pragmatic experiments and theoretical research, Rick discovered the capability of Colback to be 3D printed exceptionally well. Rick Tegelaar customized the FDM (Fused deposition modeling) printing process for Colback yarns. The self-made machine stretches over 2 meters which enables tests on a decent scale. 



The designer also developed a custom printing head to process the Colback yarn and place it on the Colback nonwoven fabric in a very controlled way. The Colback yarn consist of bicomponent filaments. By only melting the outer polypropylene skin of the Colback® yarn the PET (Polyethylene) core remains unaffected and keeps its strength. Rick Tegelaar has developed and customized this technique to create reinforcements, to add rigidity and create tensional strength. The technique can also be used to add a graphic layer on the Colback nonwoven to enhance its aesthetic appearance.

Low & Bonar: "Leading the world in performance materials"

Low & Bonar is a global leader in high performance materials selling in more than 60 countries worldwide and manufacturing in Europe, North America, the Middle East and China. 
"We design and manufacture components which add value to, and improve the performance of, our customers’ products by engineering a wide range of polymers using our own manufacturing technologies to create yarn, fibres, industrial and coated fabrics, geosynthetics and composite materials."
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